How to look fashionable on a budget

It is a prevalent notion that fashionable clothes are costly. However, this is not always correct. Instead, you can be in classics or in glamourous clothes that suit your taste without breaking your bank. The main secret when it comes to clothes is changing how you shop. One great way of shopping cheaply is finding an online store that ships its products from overseas. This is especially when you live in a tier 1 country. Purchasing of affordable brand-new clothes is made possible by lower production costs abroad and currency differences. In addition, knowing the particular online store to go for is essential when it comes to buying your favorite pieces on a budget. Look out for reputable stores offering discounts, clearance sales, and such offers. You can also look out for stores such as NoraCora and look at their rates. Below are some tips on how you can look fashionable on a budget.

Look for clearance and sales items

Purchasing your clothes from outlet and resale stores is one of the best ways to ensure that you keep your budgets low. Majority of fantastic pieces that are unable to move, or at times when a store needs to create space for new products, the great pieces end up as clearance and sales items. This means that you will find great pieces at affordable prices.

First, find your staples

The first step to building your wardrobe is to ensure that you have enough pieces to serve various diverse outfits. Here you should look for neutral clothes that don’t have complicated patterns and which can be easily paired with other garments. Some staples you can get include plain t-shirts with simple necklines and many colors, particularly neutral colors such as beige, white or black. For the jeans, you can go for a pair of fitting blue jeans. Have a decent blazer or jacket and a pair of black shoes.  Particularly different geographical locations will necessitate various staples, and thus you should watch the trends in your area and know the type of staple to go for. The basic rule is that stapes should be such that they can be mixed interchangeably to fit one’s daily outfits.

Be creative with your combinations

Swapping out your clothes will go a long way in ensuring you look fashionable on a budget. This explains why you require staples and should have a collection of accessories, including scarves, cardigans, jewelry, and belts, which can add a sense of change and flair to your outfits. For instance, a change of your blazer to a cardigan has the effect of changing your outfit from work-friendly to a weekend-outing outfit. Think of your outfits as full combinations and swapping each piece in or out brings out a new look.

Swap or sell with friends

Instead of throwing away your unwanted clothes, you can check with your friends, and if they have anything in their wardrobe that they no longer want, you can swap with them. Changing clothes with friends can offer a new life to the pieces you no longer like and offer you and your friend new pieces that will freshen your wardrobes.

Be selective with color

One of the most important things as far as fashion is concerned is color. To have a fashionable and modern look, stick to tight colors. You don’t have to go for an expensive green top and a white skirt. Instead, go for deceptive colors. You also don’t have to purchase costly black shoes. Instead, choose a wide variety that you can get cheaply. This way, you have a variety to select from for your different choices of outfits.

Avoid being complicated

Always aim for simplicity. Go for plain jeans and shirts, which tend to be affordable. Just ensure you pick them in such a way that they create a unique combination. This will help you have a unique, new, and stylish look.

Go for clothes that fit your body shape

To look fashionable, your body shape should influence the type of clothes you go for. Are you triangular-shaped or a pear or apple? Just because a particular celebrity looks good on a specific outfit doesn’t mean the same will apply to you. Instead, knowing your body shape is vital. You should then go for affordable clothes that rhyme with your body shape.

In conclusion, especially for newbies, it can be hard to figure out how they can be fashionable without going for expansive pieces. With the above tips, you can look stylish without breaking the bank.

Author: diaz